Product Guide For Baby Care

When new mom is normal dizzy at the number of products you need for baby care. So in this post I offer a complete list of items needed for the baby, take a pencil and paper and start making your shopping list.

Bubble bath

Children love bubbles, so make sure you have a product that is specially designed for babies to not generate irritation in sensitive skin.


It has to be a gentle shampoo and not cause tears, many lines offer baby products children’s bath gels that can also be used as shampoo.


Get a good arsenal of soft cloths for bath time to clean the baby’s face after meals and even a game.

Burping cloths

Cloth diapers today have become burping cloths. They are perfect for this because they are very absorbent and are large enough to cover the areas where the baby can spit or spit.


A good baby lotion after bathing will help keep baby’s skin dry always.

Ointment against irritation

Whatever type of diaper you use, it is important to protect your baby’s bottom with an ointment made of barrier between a wet or dirty diaper.


Protect your baby’s sensitive skin with sunscreen especially designed for them is indispensable. But I also know that you have to keep children out of direct sunlight, even if you have sunscreen.

Mittens for babies

Babies often move their limbs without control, so to avoid accidentally scratching his own face or body, mitts are very helpful.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit for infants has everything you need for a minor incident, including bandages, gauze, antiseptic pads, tape, etc..

Baby nail clippers / nail files

Small fingernails and baby feet are paper thin, and grow very fast. You need to keep them short to keep it from getting hurt, in case you accidentally cut issues, test when asleep.

Baby Soap

Baby’s skin is so sensitive that regular soap can be too harsh and irritate your skin. Buy a soap that is designed specifically for the baby.

Anti colic bottles

The bottle has to have a valve designed to reduce air bubbles and thus ensure that the child does not have cramps after eating.