Types of emerging allergies

Allergy to mobile phones

In recent years many people have a certain allergy in areas of the body come in contact with mobile telephone devices. After studying the case, investigators determined that this is actually an allergy to the nickel, a metal used by manufacturers to the mechanism of cell phones.

Allergy to kisses:

This condition anti-ternura, is one of the most dangerous, the danger is not itself in the Act of kissing, many people hypersensitive to multiple elements as if they were transferred orally, by a kiss, may even die. People with this condition must flee before the possibility of receiving the “Kiss of death”.

Allergy to the exercise:

Some people suffer from severe allergic reactions after a certain amount of physical activity, it is not clear yet the causes of this condition, some doctors claim that a third element could be involved, like the amount of physical activity bright more some kind of food or medically previously swallowed.

Allergy to touch:

This condition implies a hypersensitivity to touch that is linked to the inability of the skin to withstand the slightest physical pressure on it without reacting alérgicamente.

Allergy to technology:

Better known as electro sensitivity syndrome, this condition can transform the waves of the mobile phone, microwave, cars, computers, and even the Wi-Fi, a constant threat to the health of the person who presents this allergy.

Allergy to water:

While the human body is more than 60% water in its overall Constitution there is urticaria acuagénica posed by allergic reactions to the contact of this element, this condition does not support the external water contact, while to the inside of the body will not causes no problem.

Multialimentarias allergies:

Although this allergic type is very rare, there are some cases that are suffering. Persons suffering from an allergy multialimenticia cannot eat any food rather than ice, water, and food supplements.

Allergic to sex:

There are two types of allergies in this condition.

The first is an allergy to the semen and the fluids secreted along with sperm (as a lubricant).

Another one is vaginal fluids of the girls causing severe irritation in any part of the male body that have come into contact with them.