Where do i get a mammogram

Do you have indicated a mammogram and do not know what it is? A mammogram is preventive study providing a radiographic image of your breasts. It is done with a device called a mammogram, which sends a very low radiation doses. This diagnostic study is analyzed by a radiologist, who prepares a report and then you lead your doctor to explain to you what were the results.

The fact that your doctor has asked you to do this study is a measure of prevention and does not indicate you are at risk for a disease. It is important for the study if there was any irregularity, it can act and avoid major problems.

What is the completion of the exam?

For you to have a mammogram, you will put yourself standing in front of the machine called a mammogram. The mammography service technician will place one of your breasts on a plastic plate and put another plate on top. Both plates will pressure and then the radiologist will take x-ray film or image. Is a very brief examination performed.

Mammography is used to detect breast tumors but not the only tool used, as it is also necessary to periodically perform self-examinations and be evaluated by a professional, preferably a gynecologist or mastologist (doctor who specializes in breasts).

Lets find tumors early stage (when they are still small) and get treatments more effective. Should be a tumor, further studies are required to be benign or malignant, and how to treat it.

Tumor detection through mammography is more effective in women from age 50.

Who should have a mammogram?

All women who are at risk for breast tumors should have a mammogram that is, those with family history from her mother or sisters or who have been directed by the doctor to have any chance of tumors found in a scan mammary touch. In addition, women between 50 and 74 must conduct the study every two years or as directed by the professionals.

Tips to consider before a mammogram

Do not use deodorant, talcum powder or perfumes on the day you will perform the mammogram.

Do not conduct the study if you are with the period, better choose another day.

If you do not want to have to completely undress for the examination, using a pair of pants or skirt but not a dress.

Attending a recognized medical center as the quality of results depends on the mammogram and its maintenance.

Explains your symptoms to the radiologist.